A Jacquard Harness Components Manufacturing Company

Rewards and Recognition

Maksteel Wire Healds began small. Every achievement was an incentive, givingthem the confidence to dream bigger, grow bolder. Today, the company has animpressive list of markets, in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Italy,Turkey, Iran Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil and USA among others.The Company has held to its motto of uncompromising quality and its products meetwith the stringent and demanding standards of an international market. Maksteel WireHealds is the 'First Choice'
globally... and there is no dispute in this statement.
  1. Maksteel Wire Healds has won the All India Certificate to Export Excellence by EEPC, Kolkata
  2. The Federation of Gujarat Industries, India conferred on them the SSI Unit in 2003.
  3. ITAMMA, Mumbai saw their commitment to excellence reflected in their growing markets and awarded them the Conveted Export Excellence Award, both in 2011 and 2012.
  4. They also have earned the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate for Quality System conferred by ISO QAR, UK.
  5. Being an innovator, Aprit Sidhpura designed an Electronic Beta Jacqard machine with 672 hooks and 600 rpm capacity and also won "GUJARAT SME EXCELLENCE AWARD" in the category of "Emerging Young Entrepreneur" in Manufacturing Sector.