Maksteel Wire Healds provides world class jacquard harness components and textile weaving machine accessories to manufacturers who demand only the best. Emphasis on delivery of quality and services fuel our ambition to become a distinctive global leader.

High Quality Vulcanized Fiber Board specially drilled with High Speed CNC Machine to obtain less friction of Harness Cord.

Popular Specifications of Comber Board Thickness 8 mm and 10 mm
For Decorative FabricsEPI 168, 180, 184, 192
Row 14,16, 24
For Jacquard FabricsEPI 92, 96, 120, 184, 192, 200, 216, 240
Row 14, 16, 24
For Name WriterEPI 30
Row 6 &S
For Terry Towel EPI 60
Row 6+6

We can produce any type of specification as per Customer requirement.