Maksteel Wire Healds provides world class jacquard harness components and textile weaving machine accessories to manufacturers who demand only the best. Emphasis on delivery of quality and services fuel our ambition to become a distinctive global leader.

Sr. No.Article NumberMeters per KgCord Diameter
1T16-2000A with Carbon22100.65 mm
2T16-3000A with Carbon21200.65 mm
3T16-3500A with Carbon20000.70 mm
4T16-3800A with Carbon18500.77 mm
5T16-4000A with Carbon15600.80 mm
6T16-400015600.80 mm
7T16-500013100.90 mm
8T16-5000A with Carbon13100.90 mm
9T16-600011101.0 mm
10T16-6000A with Carbon11101.0 mm
11T16-80008201.20 mm
12T16-85006601.30 mm
13T16-140005001.55 mm
14T16-150003501.85 mm