Maksteel Wire Healds Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Textile Weaving Machine Accessories Manufacturer in India. Maksteel has made rapid progress in the area of Jacquard Harness and parts for types of jacquard machines and suitable for all types of looms like Rapier, Air Jet, Water Jet and Label Looms. The company successfully supplies its products in India and 22 countries over the world.
Product AdvantagePerfect Surface for delicate yarns
Suitable for all kind of yarn
Groz Beckert - German Eyelet
High Tensile Strength wire
Customer BenifitImproved cost effectiveness in the weaving mill
Increased productivity in weaving machine
Increased heald life time
Eye No.Mail EyeDimension
R 1015images3.2 x 1.3
R 1020images4.0 x 1.5
R 328images4.2 x 2.3
R 355images5.2 x 2.3
R 380images5.6 x 2.7
SR 312images3.0 x 1.2
SR 518images5.0 x 1.8