Maksteel being very focused in quality, now produce their own raw materials. In this way Maksteel has entered into a wide field of Stainless steel industry in 2014 as a part of backward integration. Maksteel exports their stainless steel products across Europe and Asia since 2014. With this development, they can now provide the customers with a wider range of products.
Product Advantages
Lengthupto 9 metres
Straightness6mm / meter
SurfaceAs Cast Condition (Fully Ground or spot Ground)
Square80 mm x 80 mm
Square100 mm x 100 mm
Square120 mm x 120 mm
Square130 mm x 130 mm
Square140 mm x 140 mm
Square160 mm x 160 mm
Square200 mm x 200 mm
Square220 mm x 220 mm
Rectangular220 mm x 250 mm